The Seal of Biliteracy process for 2020 came to a close earlier this month and the number of students receiving the endorsement is 220, Academy of International Studies Instructional Coach Lynne Koenig recently informed Woodburn School District (WSD). 

“Like most district programs, we finished up the process remotely,” wrote Koenig in an email to WSD. “This was a challenge, but our students persevered!” 

The 220 Woodburn High School graduating seniors who have proven their abilities in two languages are being recognized for their proficiency in Spanish/English, Russian/English and Arabic/English. 

“It seems fitting that this celebration of our biliterate students comes during Teacher Appreciation Week,” continued Koening. “It is because of all of you, your efforts on behalf of your students, your support of dual language teaching and practices that again, we were able to recognize even more students this year.”

This year’s number is 213 more than when the program started in 2015. 

“The Oregon Seal of Biliteracy is a significant acknowledgment of the culmination of our dual language programs, it recognizes and values student’s heritage languages, and is a valuable credential for our bilingual students,” wrote Koenig. 

Please take some time to view the PowerPoint video presentations of this year’s Oregon Seal of Biliteracy recipients. There are five presentations, one for each of the high schools.