Brenda Bravo as Frida Kahlo

Brenda Bravo presents to second grade students at Washington

Woodburn School District Migrant Graduation Specialist Brenda Bravo recently presented an act on Frida Kahlo to second grade students at Washington Elementary.

Bravo, who is also a painter, told students that like Frida, she paints to make things beautiful and that it is also a way they themselves could incorporate into their coping skills when dealing with tough situations in life.

“Frida has shown me that sometimes life cold,” she told students, “but she has also shown me that with art I can make things beautiful. I can paint my life in a better light.”

Bravo said that Frida’s life and her art is what inspired her to become a painter and that painting is a way for her to distress.

“I dress like Frida because she has truly inspired me,” said Bravo. “If you read her story you’ll find it is sad, but it is also beautiful. From the harsh pain, something beautiful came about. You can do the same, you can paint about your life the same way.”