The anticipation of students returning to school under the hybrid model has been replaced with excitement as students returned to their classrooms under the hybrid model, a step towards what we once considered normalcy. Yes, staff and students must follow protocol to keep each other safe, and the classrooms are still half-full, depending on how you see it. Nevertheless, WSD is preparing for the next stage of instruction.

Director of Title and Special Programs Sonia Kool and Title and Special Programs Administrator Stephan Price presented their plans for Summer School 2021 at the April 13 School Board meeting.

Their summer school program aims at finishing unfinished learning and accelerating and renewing learning practices new to students. The program will also be available to a larger number of students from our district.

“We are referring to our Summer program as, “Summer School 2021: Unfinished Learning, Acceleration, and Renewal” and we have made some changes this year that will allow more students to attend our program,” said Kool as she started her presentation to the board. “The program is normally only available to Migrant and English Language Learners (ELL) students but this year it will be available to all students. We will also have the program available at five different sites throughout the district, instead of 1, as in past years.”

Other changes to their Summer School program include making the After School Club available at all school sites instead of 1 as it normally would be. Early arrivals childcare starts at 5 a.m. and the plan is to still have this available but it has not been determined what site or sites will be available for early arrival childcare said Kool.

Another thing that will be different this year is that all elementary school students will receive Summer Learning Kits to be distributed at the end of this academic year.

“Teaching and Learning is in the process of ordering the summer learning kits for all students,” said Kool. “

The program’s curriculum consists of Reading, Math, Language Class(ELD/SLD/English Enrichment), STEM, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) said Price.

The proposed calendar for Summer School 2021, has staff starting on June 28 for orientation, June 29 for staff in-service, June 30 for classroom setup, and July 1 for Admin setup. There are also plans to host a Parent Night on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

The student’s first day of attendance at the WSD summer school program is scheduled for July 6 and will continue through July 30.

The proposed summer school program schedule has classes starting at 7:30 with dismissal at 1 p.m. at which time the After School Program will begin and continue until 5:30 p.m.

Technically, a student can be at school from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., similar to the normalcy of pre-pandemic days at WSD.

Price said the schools will also be COVID safe, meaning they will continue to follow protocols and CDC safety guidelines and use the latest safety and sanitation procedures to keep students and staff safe.

“Title 1 & Special programs have been running for a little over a year at Champ Camp 1.0, Champ Camp 2.0  where we had a perfect record of ensuring safety,” said Price. “We had no infections or cases of exposure.”  Price said his staff has been trained and re-trained to follow and stick to safety procedures to avoid exposures or infective situations. Their experience running programs for over a year has also provided them with experience to continue their positive safety record. We are excited to bring kids back to school to engage them in learning and having fun.     

For more information about Summer School 2021: Unfinished Learning, Acceleration, and Renewal,” or to view their board presentation click on this link.