Teresa Reyes

Teresa Reyes

If you search for the Home School Contact (HSC) job description on our website, you will find a document with a long list of responsibilities expected from HSCs. The essential function description alone is a list of twenty-nine requirements, while the position summary may be a little difficult to understand.

When you ask administrators, teachers, or parents, what an HSC does, the standard narrative you hear is that they support migrant families by connecting them to organizations that provide services they need. They refer families to services that provide health care, food, clothing, and the list goes on and on. HSC also supports teachers and administrators by reaching out to families who may sometimes be unreachable and identifying parents in need of assistance for rent, utilities, or food. Before the pandemic, HSCs also supported schools with committees that organized family school functions, such as movie nights and school festivals.

One thing you will notice in the job description is that there are no COVID19 support requirements. Still, they have adapted to pandemic situations and continued to extend their support to families, often risking their health as they met with migrant families to connect them to Comprehensive Distance Learning. Having such a dedicated support HSC team has been crucial to the success of these families. Their support is of utmost importance to Title I school districts like Woodburn, with many families categorized as living below the poverty line.

I am so grateful that WSD has such a dedicated team to support our Migrant families. Not only do they follow their job description to a tee, but they also overextend their care and strong support for the families they serve, and their work has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you for all you do.


Oscar Moreno Gilson


“We so appreciate our Home School Contacts and the multifaceted work they are doing to meet the needs of our students and families! They go above and beyond to get things done and are a cornerstone of our school community! Thank you for the huge role you played in getting our students the internet connection they need for comprehensive distance learning!”

Juan Larios, Department of School Performance Director


“Home School Contacts continue to be a vital connection between school, students and their families, and the community resources, especially during the new challenge of Comprehensive Distance Learning. Their talents and strengths are a formidable asset, and we are thankful and fortunate to have home school contacts in our district.”

Sarah Flynn, Lincoln Elementary Principal


Benito (Bubu) is one of the greatest assets French Prairie holds. Students see him as a resource and friend that they can count on; staff see him as an amazing, dedicated colleague; families see him as a tremendous resource. He is the ultimate in promoting involvement and partnership between school and home because he is so eager to talk and to listen. He proves this to be true with both students and their parents/guardians. His vision for our students, (Woodburn) students goes far beyond the here and now. He considers their life plan as he spends time discussing their interests and goals. We, all staff, students and families are extremely lucky to have Bubu on our French Prairie Spartan team.


French Prairie MS Administrators


Doris Morales is a key member of Washington elementary and the Woodburn community. She is without a doubt a caring and dedicated individual. Her professionalism and passion to serve our community are evident and consistent.

Mrs. Morales works tirelessly to help those students and families who are most vulnerable and who need the most support. It is not uncommon for her to go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of working families. During this pandemic, Mrs. Morales has conducted several home visits, has helped many families sign up for internet services, and has delivered many hotspots. Because of her work, 100% of our students were able to connect from the beginning of the school year and also have steadily improved our attendance rate over the years.

As an individual, Mrs. Morales is a joy to be around. Her mild manner and genuinely caring personality helped our families feel welcome at Washington. Even on busy days, she has a positive attitude and a big smile. Our school is a better place because of Doris.


Washington Elementary Administrators