I’m pleased to announce that Christina Chapman will be taking over the responsibilities of the Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

Chrissy Chapman

Chrissy Chapman

With close to twenty years of experience in the field of education, Chapman has had the opportunity to serve in several capacities within the educational realm and in turn, has learned the ins and outs of federal Title programs, special education programs, intervention programs, bilingual education and core instruction to name a few of her specialties.

In the past several years, Chapman has had the experience of realigning ESOL and bilingual programs for both Woodburn School District and Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

In her past role as WSD’s Instructional Services Coordinator, Chapman collaborated with the Teaching and Learning Department to realign the Dual Language programs at WSD. Ensuring equitable access for all students and guaranteeing a viable curriculum was a goal she aspired to while in this position by providing professional learning opportunities, aligning curriculum, and conducting listening sessions.

“Effective communication and meaningful relationships with staff and community are a priority for me in order to promote a positive and collaborative culture,” Chapman said in her application letter. “As a bilingual administrator, I have been able to cultivate strong relationships with families, staff, and students by striving to be approachable.”

Chapman’s extensive list of participation in committees and training sessions outlined in her resume, along with her experience in education, gives her an edge on successfully fulfilling her responsibilities as the new WSD Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

Chapman came to WSD in 2017 as an Instructional Services Coordinator and prior to that, she was the Federal Programs Coordinator at Salem-Keizer public schools and the Principal at St. Paul Elementary School.

Please welcome Christina Chapman as the new WSD Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.